About Us


AugustusDeco is a specialist decorating and stucco design business operating in London and the rest of UK, Madrid and the rest of Spain. We created this website to allow better communication with our current and new customers. If you would like to see more of our work, check out our Portfolio in the menu above.

Augustus Deco is a business that invests great value in its practical skills base, its talented workforce and their drive to deliver excellent quality of product and service. We offer superior surface finishes, using the best techniques and trade secrets for all kinds of commissions, ranging from standard walls to the kind of fantasy designs that only the likes of designers and architects can dream about.

We also offer maintenance guidance for our products and anti-crack technology. Cracking is no longer a worry for our clients. Our systems are in place and now offer the luxury of longevity. We have seen work globally which has cracked due to poor substrate quality but our system is second to none.

Our base in London (Chelsea), is in the same building where the countries leading artists are, so really we are the DNA of craft in a modern society. Feel free to book an appointment to discuss what finish would best suit your project, or visit our portfolio gallery to view our work. Order a brochure today and discover how we can make your vision become a reality.

About Augustus

Augustus studied at the Chelsea School of Arts  and interior design at Kensington and Chelsea College. Augustus furthered his training at SAFRA ACADEMY one of the worlds leading producers of stucco and paint products based in Italy.

After being in the decoration field for a number of years including training students at his studio in London, Augustus combines his artistic talent interior design and faux finish designs to create innovative patterns to fulfill any clients requirements.

Having years of experience managing projects in collaboration with interior designers and architects, Augustus confidently takes his clients through the necessary procedures of the initial preparation of coordinating color and design to meet their personal requirements.

Augustus design inspirations comes from classic style icons of the past.

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